06 September 2006

abeka math.

Why can't I get this curriculum from anywhere else but them? I've got a homeschool store not too far up the road from me, and I am within reach of two others. But I have to wait for this stuff to come in the mail. It's a drag. Especially considering we needed it two weeks ago. Luckily, the math teachers have had copies of the day's lessons on hand in each class.

All ordering frustrations aside, I must say that I like the Abeka Math curriculum that my son is using at the HEDGE Academy. I've always used Horizons (which I LOVE) with the exception of last year when we tried Saxon. Hated it. This Abeka seems like a happy medium between the two, and seeing as how there is no Horizons class offered, it's what he's taking instead of the Singapore math tutorial. That is for 1st-5th graders. Not sure how much in-depth they would go into concepts that a 4th grader needs to know. Not in a one-hour class.

I assume that the actual Abeka book is in color...I have yet to see it. I hope it is anyway. Colorful pages are just a lot slower than black-and-white at de-motivating my son to do his math. Though he hasn't had any trouble with the black-and-white copies; he's been doing his math with zero complaining. Perhaps color pages won't be an issue.

We begin each lesson with his 3-minute drill, then he does his two pages, which completes the lesson. Each lesson has an abundance of review of concepts previously learned, and the presentation of new concepts is clear and not confusing.

The real challenge for us will be staying on track and not getting behind in favor of other subjects. Having the accountability of the class at the co-op will help.

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