08 October 2006

bad blogger. bad, bad blogger.

I am sad to say I have neglected my blogging duties as of late. Not on the family blog or the music blog, but this one. That must change. I have just been so exhausted from the life changes the past few weeks, but am now recuperating. I still have a dining room full of stuff that I have yet to unpack, but oh well. At least I don’t feel like the school year is kicking my butt.

Well, after a month into Hedge and Master’s, we’re still pretty organized, I’m happy to say. We’re getting caught up with math and Bobby’s doing wonderful in Science. He got a C+ on his Greek/Latin roots test. I know he will do better on the next one, because he will actually STUDY!

He’s also really enjoying guitar class. They’re going to play a David Crowder song at the end of the year, so he’s excited. He also loves the sports class. I’m glad to see him so enthusiastic about it.

Now that we've been in our apartment for almost a month and I finally feel like we're getting settled in, my postings here will be more regular. I have several links to add to the site too; I think I'll do them slowly, by subject.

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